E6BJet and Apple Silicon Macs

Dear Crewmembers,

As you know, Mac OS 11 Big Sur is being released today, bringing the ability to run iOS apps to the new Macs featuring Apple Silicon.

We have opted to make E6BJet available for Apple Silicon Macs in the Mac App Store.

E6BJet meets Apple’s requirements for this, since it does not use any features of iOS that would prevent it from running correctly on a Mac. (The altimeter function will not be available, since the Macs do not have a built-in barometric sensor, the same as with some early iPhones/iPads.)

However, since we have not yet received our Apple Silicon Macs, we have not been able to test E6BJet on this new platform. Until this is done, per Apple requirements, it will be shown in the Mac App Store with the mention “Not verified for MacOS”. As far as functionality is concerned, at this point we can only say that we are not expecting any problems.

For the future, we will keep E6BJet available for Macs, unless the user experience on Apple Silicon Macs becomes deeply unsatisfactory. Our roadmap already includes enhancements that will adopt Mac features for interacting with E6BJet, such as keyboard input.

Thank you for your continued feedback, and we look forward to hearing more from you, via

s u p p o r t @ e 6 b j e t . c o m

Happy landings!