NOTAM – Help displays missing pagination dots in iOS 14.0 and later.

Dear Crewmembers,

Seems a gremlin has gotten into the help displays (which you can access by tapping the ‘?’ button on the various tabs).

The Speeds, Altitudes and Fuel W/V help displays have two pages of text. To move from one page to the other, swipe left (or right). To dismiss the help display, tap the amber ‘X’ button that also shows.

Help displays with more than one page show pagination dots (also in amber) near the bottom of the tab on iOS 12.x and 13.x. However, starting with iOS 14.0, the dots have gone missing, although swiping left & right works just fine.

Thanks for pointing this out. A fix will be included with the upcoming release of version 2.0.

Please be sure to view the User Guide pages here on the website for details on all the functions, and of course keep your feedback coming!

Thank you, happy landings and cheers!