Release 2.10 is live on the App Store

This version changes the thumbwheels/sliders, making them much more responsive. Otherwise there is no change to the functions already provided.

When turning a thumbwheel/dragging a slider slowly, reaction is more natural and more sensitive to even small changes in speed.

If the thumbwheels/sliders are flicked, response is now much faster, allowing you to get to a desired value quicker.

We hope you like this change. Do let us know your thoughts on it.

App Store Search

E6BJet can currently be purchased in all countries where the Apple App Store is available. It has come to our attention that in some places, searching for E6BJet by its name will not work. The search term will be substituted by something else, and the search results will list a number of Apps that have no relation to E6BJet, nor to the functions our App provides.

Apple are investigating this at the moment, and we certainly hope that a solution will be found that will cause E6BJet to appear in the search results when its full name is used.

Update (04 June): Search issue has been resolved.

If you are encountering difficulties finding E6BJet on the App Store, you can:

a) From your device, tap on the ‘Download on the App Store’ button below, or,

b) Use ‘E6B’ as a search term in the App Store app. E6BJet will then appear in the list of Apps that match this keyword.

Cheers and Happy Landings!