Release 2.5 now available, adds turn radius/diameter calculations

Dear Crew,

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of E6BJet. It will become available during the course of today on the App Store.

You will now see, on the Speeds tab, turn radius (or diameter, or circumference), turn rate, and also load factor. These will be continuously updated as speed changes occur.

You can vary the bank angle to see the effect on turn radius and rate. You can also modify the turn rate and see the required bank angle to maintain the given rate. Turn radius can be displayed in Nautical miles, Kilometres, feet, metres or Statute miles.

We also got rid of some unexpected display clipping on iPads, which occurred at first launch until it was rotated to landscape mode.

There were other changes to the app, of the “under the hood” type, to prepare for the future addition of other navigation calculations that are useful, but impractical to do using slide rules. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your purchase and your feedback, and many happy landings ahead to all!