End of Support for iOS 12.x

Dear Crewmembers,

Since first releasing E6BJet, we have supported all versions of iOS beginning with iOS 12.4.

But the technology Apple provides to create the App has evolved in the last 3 years. Continuing to support older versions is beginning to limit us, as we then won’t be able to use the newer features Apple has introduced since 2020.

Apple requires us to support the current version of iOS (now 16.2) as well as the 2 preceding ones (15.x and 14.x).

We are still evaluating whether also supporting iOS 13.x would conflict with our new features roadmap, with a final decision to come shortly after this year’s Developer Conference (WWDC 2023).

However, regarding iOS 12.x, the bell has tolled. The next release of E6BJet will no longer support iOS 12.x.

It’s not without a tinge of sadness that we are giving this up, as we know of quite a few users who are perfectly happy with older devices, and do not wish to discard them when they still work. For them, new releases of E6BJet will no longer be available, although they can of course continue to use the current version (2.50).

Thanks for your continued interest in E6BJet, and wishing you Happy Landings!